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5 Ways Eric Cantor Can Be a Good Food Champion!

Inspired by a chance meeting with Eric Cantor at Zingerman’s Roadhouse in Ann Arbor, MI, Founder and President Jim Slama wrote a piece for Huffington Post on the ongoing farm bill debate. What could Erica Cantor do for the farm bill?

1. Support Farmers Markets: Over the past two decades, the number of farmers markets in America has quadrupled to 8,144. The federal Farmers Market Promotion Program has helped this expansion by providing competitive grants to markets, non-governmental organizations, and other stakeholders to strengthen local and regional economies through direct markets. Cantor should support the funding level of $30 million annually that the House has proposed for the program, as well as the program’s expansion — beyond farmers markets and other direct-marketing venues to serve local and regional food hubs.

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