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FamilyFarmed is a non-profit organization committed to expanding the production, marketing and distribution of locally grown and responsibly produced food, in order to enhance the social, economic, and environmental health of our communities.

Wholesale Success

FamilyFarmed is pleased to announce the 5th edition of its publication, Wholesale Success: A Farmer’s Guide to Food Safety, Selling , Postharvest Handling, and Packing Produce.

The recently revised, 316-page book is the definitive training source on selling into wholesale markets. It includes topics such as: Calculating Return on Investment; Cleaning, Drying, and Curing Produce; Traceability; Packing Shed Design; and Maintaining the Cold Chain.

Wholesale Success builds the capacity of farmers to meet the burgeoning demand for locally/regionally grown fruits and vegetables. Adopting best practices in food safety, postharvest handling, packing, and business management will help farmers be more efficient and profitable. It will also give buyers an incentive to increase their purchases of locally grown food.

FamilyFarmed has developed a training workshop based on the Wholesale Success manual and seeks training partners across the US to host a Wholesale Success Training.

We are available to train your group on the great information in Wholesale Success! For more information on the manual or trainings, call us at 312-874-7360.

To view the schedule for upcoming trainings, please click here.

If you’ve already attended a Wholesale Success workshop and want additional resources, click here.

low resolution preview of the manual is available for download. Please note this download does not represent the final printed quality of the manual.

Manual Purchasing

Single manuals are $70 + $10 shipping and handling.

Orders of 10 manuals or more are $60 + $10 shipping and handling.

Orders within Illinois will be charged sales tax.

To order a copy of the Wholesale Success manual, please complete and return the order form to info@familyfarmed.orgmail it to FamilyFarmed at 225 W. Hubbard, Suite 650, Chicago, IL 60654, or fax to us at 312-663-7464.