Good Food on Every Table!

FamilyFarmed is a non-profit organization committed to expanding the production, marketing and distribution of locally grown and responsibly produced food, in order to enhance the social, economic, and environmental health of our communities.

Record Good Food Festival Crowds Reflect A Movement’s Rise

The record attendance at FamilyFarmed’s 2017 Good Food Festival & Conference in Chicago underscored important points about the Good Food movement’s growing momentum.

It showed that people increasingly are tuned into the need for a better food system that is healthier, more environmentally sustainable and more economically dynamic.

It showed that many people are willing to devote their valuable time to learning more about food that is produced as locally as possible, using sustainable, humane and fair practices.

And it showed that the impact of food choices on human health is becoming a priority matter for more and more Americans, as expert panel discussions on that subject drew standing room only crowds.

“When FamilyFarmed started out nearly two decades ago, no one was talking about Good Food being a movement,” said Jim Slama, president and founder of FamilyFarmed. “Our organization has witnessed and, we believe, has been a catalyst for the growth of public interest in a better food system. The turnout for this year’s Good Food Festival & Conference was inspiring and gratifying.”

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